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24 year old kid in Hollywood making crazy daily Vlogs!
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10:08I Spent $2,000,000 On Pokémon Cards
I Spent $2,000,000 On Pokémon CardsVaatamised 6 mln2 місяці tagasi
3:53Logan Paul - 2020 (Official Music Video)
Logan Paul - 2020 (Official Music Video)Vaatamised 10 mln3 місяці tagasi
8:09I FaceTimed Floyd Mayweather...
I FaceTimed Floyd Mayweather...Vaatamised 7 mln4 місяці tagasi
9:32I Spent $150,000 On This Pokémon Card
I Spent $150,000 On This Pokémon CardVaatamised 10 mln6 місяців tagasi
2:31:53Opening The $200,000 1st Edition Pokemon Box (Official Live Stream)
8:20I Bought A $200,000 Box Of Pokémon Cards
I Bought A $200,000 Box Of Pokémon CardsVaatamised 8 mln6 місяців tagasi
5:14Goodbye Forever.
Goodbye Forever.Vaatamised 7 mln6 місяців tagasi
TEKASHI 6IX9INE 🌈Vaatamised 7 mln7 місяців tagasi
6:00She Couldn't Hold It In Anymore...
She Couldn't Hold It In Anymore...Vaatamised 6 mln7 місяців tagasi
4:58I Cheated
I CheatedVaatamised 8 mln7 місяців tagasi
4:43She Will Have My Baby If...
She Will Have My Baby If...Vaatamised 7 mln8 місяців tagasi
4:29Trapped With My Girlfriend At -202 Degrees
Trapped With My Girlfriend At -202 DegreesVaatamised 8 mln8 місяців tagasi
4:10I Painted Josie Like One Of My French Girls
I Painted Josie Like One Of My French GirlsVaatamised 8 mln8 місяців tagasi
4:28Will My Boys Lie To My Girlfriend For Me?
Will My Boys Lie To My Girlfriend For Me?Vaatamised 9 mln8 місяців tagasi
4:09Hollywood Changed Us...
Hollywood Changed Us...Vaatamised 7 mln8 місяців tagasi
4:54This Completely Crushed Them...
This Completely Crushed Them...Vaatamised 8 mln8 місяців tagasi
4:08We Ran Away Together
We Ran Away TogetherVaatamised 6 mln8 місяців tagasi
5:25Can I Borrow $250,000?
Can I Borrow $250,000?Vaatamised 6 mln8 місяців tagasi
4:27This Got Me In Trouble...
This Got Me In Trouble...Vaatamised 6 mln8 місяців tagasi
4:00He Always Has My Back
He Always Has My BackVaatamised 6 mln9 місяців tagasi
5:47We Discovered A Hidden Mountain Lake
We Discovered A Hidden Mountain LakeVaatamised 7 mln9 місяців tagasi
4:37This Was A Mistake
This Was A MistakeVaatamised 7 mln9 місяців tagasi
5:18Jake Paul Warned You.
Jake Paul Warned You.Vaatamised 7 mln9 місяців tagasi
5:48I’ve Never Been This Happy
I’ve Never Been This HappyVaatamised 10 mln9 місяців tagasi
WE DID IT ON A PLANE!Vaatamised 8 mln9 місяців tagasi
I WANT TO MAKE A BABY!Vaatamised 8 mln9 місяців tagasi
MY DAD MADE ME DO IT!Vaatamised 7 mln9 місяців tagasi
5:30The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done
The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever DoneVaatamised 7 mln9 місяців tagasi
3:58My Girlfriend Hates Me
My Girlfriend Hates MeVaatamised 7 mln9 місяців tagasi


  • “This is Chris brown” 😂

  • Who’s here in 2021!

  • Supa cringe

  • I miss this shit tbh😂 now everything is “amogus in real life🔞🤔😤🔞💪🏽😴💚😭😭❤️🔥💪🏽😃💀😭😐💪🏽🍪😤”

  • the real drago is like 50 or 60 and they be pronouncing ivan name wrong ion kno why ppl think he really drago

  • Login bhai aapko WrestleMania 37 Mein Stunner mila tha na

  • Most underrated song

  • Doctor:*explains about his ingury* Logan:Shut the f*ck up!

  • We want the old

  • Still listening to this 2021 I miss old Logan

  • What else is the shape of a dog toy uhhhh a d****** o

  • Pam :Son or daughter LOGAN : and you ended up with me YEET INTO THE LOVE SACK

  • How it been 2 years

  • Oh everything‘s already set up........ let’s play the game

  • We miss the old Logan 👍

  • He could make a career on just music ngl

  • Ngl he's in a lose lose situation if he wins people will say it's fake and if he loses he'll be made fun of even more

  • Here after Jake won!! Congratulations Jake Paul 🏆🥊🥊🥊

  • Lol someone smaller than you made you there bitch you need help bro anyone can make EEclone videos but you work a real job you won’t last a week

  • Omg his movie that he in is good

  • You didnt make babys with josie last vid you said "500k likes and ill make babys with josie" I better see babys in 2022


  • POV: your in April rewatching the vid cuase the fight didn’t happen

  • people still saying rip kong even though it's 2 years

  • Lesson today kids: don’t gamble

  • His buddy is so annoying.

  • my dream was to find Ava Taylor

  • ໍໍໍໍ

  • Who's here after jake won

  • Why does he get a bad rap this was enjoyable 😂

  • Anyone wish they actually fought?

  • Waiting for when a boxer lays out Jake Paul and plays this over the stadium speakers after😭😭😭

  • Rip Kong

  • Now that’s a real million dollar cards

  • yo whats the beef

  • Fun fact 1:43 not a roast work in progress without progress is work in which can also stand for working

  • this was 3 years ago?!

  • Well he sure looked good leaving in a Red Maverick hoodie.

  • 3:34 best dance 3:35 what is the name of song

  • 2021 and watching all his old vlogs in quarantine

  • Wtf is wrong with Logan’s face in the thumb nail

  • This is how many times I wash my hands each day.

  • I just want a third thinning so bad:)

    • Text him up on wasap

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  • I haven’t listen to this for years and it popped in my head I still know all the lyrics

  • Who's watching this in 2021?

  • Is that lana Rhoades 😳

  • Logan could just buy a house but he be like, imma just spend it on pokemon cards when im never gonna even play them

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  • I seriously love this song. Like its completely 💯% true.

  • 👁️👁️👁️

  • The fact I know this song in 2021

  • Guys that’s dream

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  • April 18th 21

  • 2:31 Well..

  • Hello

  • Bro I know snl made a skit recently but feels like they coming from Logan and david lmaoo

  • Funny

  • 4:33 bro y does it sound like my man is tryna pee out a kidney stone 😂

  • Funny


  • Cringe

  • Funny

  • Where is nigga was never the same after that fight

  • Wtf do u go wrong in your head playing pokeam

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  • Why didn't you just cut around the lock

  • Logan paul vs moist critical pokemon card battle

  • Stay mad Logan

  • Logen won this one for real bro ...🔥🤒🤒

  • TikTok could never top this

  • I wonder when this is happening.....

  • F

  • jaunpa looks so happy

  • Bro ... YOU ARE SOOOO TRASH 🗑 😂

  • Your poo 💩

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  • I have a rainbow aluminum charzard

  • 2021 I here tiktok is ass this is the Shit

  • Let’s just admit Jake is the favorite child

  • You know Logan now isn't bad hes pretty chill now, I used to think him and his brother were cringy but now its just Jake lol. I mean i used to really like Logan then I hated him and now i like him again

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  • BARS (i creamed a lil)