She Will Have My Baby If...

Avaldati 14 aug 2020
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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.


  • Was it just me who saw Ben Askren say he would pick Logan in less then a minute in the tweets

  • Ben askren said he’d beat Logan in the wrestling match and got KO by Jake

  • Cool

  • Whers that baby you promised bro

  • 1 more month you better have the child Logan

  • If u wrestle bradley martin make him pass a piss test first

  • Welcome to Team Maverick. Your Life is Ruined 😂😂😭😭

  • James Charles is free cashhhh

  • Now you have to make a babby

  • 4:24 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • It got a bit more then half a million

  • Logan where ARe you two month ago

  • 👁👄👁 I don’t know if I want the baby anymore 👶🏻

  • Man this video got almost 1 mill likes and they still don’t have a baby!😂🤦‍♀️

  • I can’t believe that he was on the masked singer # grandpa monster

  • Cutie

  • So logan...... almost 1m likes...... where the baby lmao

  • I play a trombone we don’t get mad pp

  • Potato

  • God bless

  • if logan and josie have a baby I feel bad for the baby in that mad house

  • well its almost at 1m so id say get to fucking-

  • Logan how to feel about your brother jake Paul do u like him? Please answer me 🇦🇫🇦🇫🇦🇫

  • Where’s the baby Logan no joke big fan

  • Logan:alright Liv welcome to team maverick. Livs mom:your life is ruined. Me🤣🤣

  • where’s the baby? this video’s got 900k likes now

    • Omg i miss them so much i can cry Why did they break up


  • qweg

  • Wwe today

  • ...that trombone was expensive dude- and someone’s hard work :0

  • Cool

  • 500,000 likes? We'll give you 907,500. WHERES THE KID LOGAN?!

    • him and Josie broke up already. You’re too late dude.

  • that poor trombone

  • Logan where’s the baby

  • Bruh fucking James Charles said” pay up” bruh I bet he couldn’t even fucken beat someone without arms in a wrestling match

  • Ế là phải mở rộng thêm Sức khoẻ nhé

  • Logan you cant go back on your word u said 500k there 907K come on we want baby logan

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  • Don’t say Gods name in vain man

  • That baby is so cute lol

  • Well when is the baby comin.....oh you two broke up...

  • Hopefully the kid isn’t as annoying as their dad

  • I meant 906k

  • It going happen you got almost one million who’s 909k

  • Logan I think not going fight you he said 10,000 dollars if you come to the football field and beat me wow brutal.

  • Hey wheres the baby? The videos about to hit 1million likes

  • Clickbait

  • ماشاءالله 💕

  • Fuk off

  • Logan time to mate with ya gal 900k likes

    • They broke up I think

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  • It's already 906k likes logan

  • It's 906k like logan

  • Wtf this video has 900k likes 😂

  • Almost a million likes Logan where is that baby

  • Russen

  • 50,000 likes where is the baby Logan

  • Wheres youre baby

  • 500k+ and u guys broke up

  • Do not lose this chance! you are blessed, you will not regret.

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  • James Charles wants to loose right

  • where’s the baby?

  • Where is the baby

  • At the beginning of his videos there was always that one curse word: fuck shark damn

  • wrestle dockery

  • Logan paul there is 905 k likes soooooo.........

  • it has almost 1mil likes. where is that baby logan

  • 900k likes and still no baby 😂

  • bradley martin

  • Logan’s kid: how was I born Logan: 500,000 likes

  • This aged well

  • Almost a million likes where’s the baby

  • This video got almost got 1 million likes and I don’t see no f***ing baby

  • wheres the baby

  • 900k likes get to fuckin’

  • Cutie

  • انا عربي وانا بحبك ❤

  • matt riddle a fucking pro wrestler responded to him saying bro

  • Bhahd bhabie said I got 50$ on lil tay

  • Logan where the fuck is the baby

  • Honestly the new logan has evolved into better content creator, and he gets to much hate

  • Baby?

  • 900k

  • I like how logan changes like mayuring unlike jake immatured brat

  • Fuck you I am a trombone player

  • When is mini Logan will be born?

  • Almost 1M likes ik y’all are not together but you told us so you son of a bitch

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  • Lagu Paul Joel


  • Maşalah

  • where is the baby you have 900k likes make a baby yoou need to be a father

  • where the bebe

  • I wanted to play the trombone but my family couldn't afford it. 1:23

  • I will feel bad for your kid, having a such a pathetic person as a father.

  • Logan is a dad?

  • We almost doubled the milestone

  • u have 900k likes and u dont have a baby

  • More than five hundred likes

  • Were the baby at Logan