Logan Paul - 2020 (Official Music Video)

Avaldati 23 dets 2020
Directed by Logan Paul and Juliana Accettone
Song Produced by Jake Broido & Jaron Crespi
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I’m a 25 year old living in Los Angeles. This is my life.


  • Most underrated song

  • He could make a career on just music ngl

  • I seriously love this song. Like its completely 💯% true.

  • Cringe

  • Feels nice to see Logan doing good and getting a bag after soo long 🥲🥲

  • Really I reamber you were in a kids show why now bad words there’s kid watching

  • how is this almost four months ago man it feels like it was yesterday

  • Ibra !!!

  • Why tf he playin the piano, HE DOESNT EVEN KNOW HOW TO PLAY THE PIANO

  • heard this song more often than i saw my family last days

  • I actually like Logan now It's just Jake that's a twat

  • Who likes Logan Paul?

  • I used to hate Logan. But know it feels weird cause I like him know. Jake stills is a A**hole though.

  • Now you gotta say Jake slept ben and he's still sleeping

  • 22.9m wow, I wonder how smart these ppl actually are, good money though make use of those subs

  • It's same for 2021

  • Amazon brrrr

  • Pop smoke and kobe Bryant it defrent:(

  • Gotta respect Logan for this as much as I hate him

  • Honestly really hit hard

  • 2020 is dume

  • very good music video man clap clap

  • Please get this song to 1 million likes

  • Well your better in different genre

  • Jk you guys are same same

  • This is perfect. Thank you Logan needed that.

  • Türk olanlar burada mı

  • this is a good banger,i think his best

  • This shit was funny asf ngl

  • If this is your most recent video, put your damn brother in his place!!!!

  • Puedo ser su comentario en español ,😎

  • He deadass had the greatest come back on all time he damned change

  • I was like wtf is Logan Paul, thought him and his bro were the same, but now I know who this is. A shit singer/rapper that looks like a plastic doll. Nothing different, nothing new, and nothing creative.

  • My FAVORITE part is 0:00 to 3:53

  • Damn Johnson and Johnson...

  • Boooooooo

  • This is was actually pretty cool...

  • Bloody hell these Americans have no taste in music. This shite😂

  • Why do i like this??

  • Hi

  • I feel like this is opposit now jakes becoming a cringe child ....Logan’s turning into a mature adult love to see it

  • are you born stupid?

  • ゆぇえじゃん。

  • This video made me subscribe Logan Paul 🙂💥

  • Hey are you gonna do the same for 2021

  • Logan get the f*ck in the octagon with Connor you pussy... you’ll get ya head smashed around 100 times over!! COME ON CONNOR 👊🏼🇬🇧🇮🇪

  • We lost pop smoke and Kobe and it wasn’t even March yet,,,,,,,,,,,,, that hit hard


  • Make a part too for 2021😞

  • Idk why 50k disliked this, logan is just saying facts summarizing how fck'n bad 2020 was

  • LOGAN 2021 WAS EVEN WORSE cries in corner lol

  • I love this song and this video.


  • good job logan

  • literally involves every major story the worlds handled socially, economically, spiritually and still only got 9 million views and its 2021. say what you want about these two brothers but its pretty clear hate and clickbait titles and thumbnails is what drives them.. fucking sad they actually think they're successful literally no one likes them

  • He legit rhymed the first 3 sentences with “you”

  • Why can’t I stop watching this

  • I’m not say that bad word again🤬

  • Don’t put up your middle finger🤬

  • Can you teach Jake how to mature like you have? Thank you

  • Note: 2021 isn’t any better

  • 1921 was much worse

  • Now we wait for 4 years for another song

  • Damn what a song I can listen to this shit for hoyrs

  • What about 2017

  • Still with the Donald Trump haircut.....seriously do you not know the meaning of the word "Haircut". Will never understand what so many yanks like about these douche brothers

  • This is actually kinda good

  • To the people who disliked this video: Did you dislike this video because you are a hater of Logan Paul/Dislike his videos or is it because you feel bad for 2020 and you say that its not 2020's fauld its what happened in 2020, Guys Covid is just a lie cuz the goverment wants more money for themselfs, guys the reason many people lost their jobs because of this is because people are working for the money and they pay you, the goverment pays you to work and see, the goverment made people lose their jobs cuz they dont wanna give money they wanna keep it for theirselfs! But still stay safe to everyone reading this and have a wonderful life! God bless you!

  • when you so rich you waste a bunch of toilet paper for a song

  • did jack ever find out whats popping lol

  • 2:04 🤔 now where have I seen... nm 😁

  • Love you

  • If F*ck 2020 means F*ck all who did it, governments, China, Bill Gates, WHO etc. than yes F*ck them all

  • Im turkhis 😱😨

  • I live in Brazil and I'm poor, I just have a dream, to have a good computer to be able to make game plays to help my family. If God is seeing this comment, help me, I don’t know what to do

  • Bring back Gucci face Jacob

  • why is this song actually good

  • dude he said f 2016.i say f 2020


  • Yo Logan can low key sing


  • That one thing Logan has missed to add in the song was the beirut explosion😭 so sad but the song is lit🔥

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  • cringe

  • Logan I'm proud of you, Nuff said.

  • *subscribes again*

  • This song is still lit DONT get me wrong but it needs more energy not the real Logan Paul . LOGAN PAUL IS A MAVERIC BE MORE FRICKIN HYPE

  • La Hiç Türk Yokmu Varlığımızı Belli Etirek Xd

  • 😩😒amen 😔😒😩

  • Where is this world going?

  • Ngl this is actually a chill bop

  • Nice bro muck 👌

  • This songs feels nostalgic now XD

  • this song is underrated

  • Thank you 2020

  • I’m gonna be completely honest here, This was actually a banger.

  • Wwe

  • It Fucking!!!!!! Cool

  • Have you guys got ging back yet