My Last Words To Floyd Mayweather...

Avaldati 5 juuni 2021
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    • it's a Wolverine VS a Lama that works out the Lama don't even have teeth the Wolverine can cause serious damage to a lion However the Wolverine is getting old and it would be awesome if Logan won but if Floyd wins he can then fight Jake that would be a better fight because Floyd hates Jake hahaha! Put on a good show for us guys this is great, make us smile laugh and collect your checks.

    • @DannyX we will see

    • If you read this, keep your hands close to your face when you don't punch. Try to hit on the body if he defends. Don't take your eyes off and move fast in the ring. Don't move with same pattern, keep it random.

    • Bruh

    • @DannyX bro.... plz stfu

  • my dream is to have 1k subscribers on youtube But I have no support

  • NDL

  • Plz fight in UFC Izzy or Usman😂🤣 Definitely get smashed


  • You still got a girlfriend ? Unless you quit show casing your love life. Which is good news.

  • Do it for kong

  • Also only sub to tell u this punk bi**h

  • Thanks for sharing, Lord-Jesus-Christ com

  • Joe Rogan vs logan Paul would be great

  • Good mab

  • Hey Logan where is ginger I haven’t seen him for such a long long time.

  • Why don't you fight old man iron Mike!!!🤴🏾 THE G.O.A.T 🤷‍♂️

  • I respect you for going to a blm protest

  • Umm where is ginger now...

  • F** U LOGAN

  • Rest in peace Oreo Devon dog😪😪😔🤧🤧😨😰😥😢😭😭😭😭😱😓😞😣😢😥😰😢😥💙💜💕

  • Logan Paul Vs Faze Jarvis This would be Fun Lol😂

    • @John Fernandez yessir we know it But watch Jarvis vs Le Tho that was hella of a fight

    • Logan will win

  • F u logan

  • the fight is completely rigged, frankly, you don't have to be smart to realize the opposite the draw arranges the two parties Mayweather keep his invincibility and Logan Paul has not lost and of course in sports betting it brings a max as by chance it is obvious that Mayweather was not 100% you were not in a real boxing fight otherwise he would have been knocked out in the first round Logans are only liars and cheaters he makes fun of their subscribers just to make as much money as possible on their backs he only thinks about money 🤮🤮🖕

  • i wanted this to be longerrrrrrrrrrrr omg the tears

  • Paul your Loko


  • Got dammit I am show fucking mad I scammed that fight was hot ass it was depressing Sorry for the cursing -Your local Izuku/Deku

  • Love youuu

  • Bring back the vlogs

  • Laughable. Weakling. Quit boxing.

  • Biggest fraud

  • Floyed boxed Logan like a UPS package. 📦

  • Fight Jarvis

  • Whatever you say I Believe he is the current biggest entertainer🔥

  • Mans ego got crushed 😂

  • The hugging was cute 😩

  • Y’all fake asf be real instead of being children. Like for real. Like stfu and stop y’all’s bull shit and live in the adult hood instead of dumb ass fame

  • Fuck this fighting bullshit. I wanna watch the videos that you used to to from 2 years ago and before. You were such a great EEcloner. Apologize to EEclone about that stupid incident, which wasn't that big of a deal to begin with, and go back to making your original EEclone videos.

  • U lost btw

  • even though u lost mate i still love the effort u stayed in the ring surviving 9 rounds appreciate it man if u reply to this it would mean the worrlld to me

  • Wtf happened to neighbor Suzy?

  • liay

  • Zzz

  • Logan Paul kick Mayweathers ass

  • He smacked you to the ground

  • I saw the Floyd mayweather

  • Logan paul vs Niko Omilana

  • Are you going to stop uploading on yt ??

  • Don't worry guys, he sneezed 3 times this morning and needed a hug 💙

  • Logan should be a therapist like there there it’s all going to be alright

  • Look at how much Logan changed, this dude was a massive douchebag 4 years ago

  • “He’s a great holder” 😂

  • *Sheer Genius*

  • Yo

  • Who are you gonna fight next manny Pacquiao

  • Logan survived a hole round with mayweather f the people saying you did bad

  • What’s mean song it’s playing in 1:25

  • when logan was fighting he got more hugs in 30 minutes than I will ever get in my life.

  • Logan i used to like you as a youtuber but now your every where

  • JAKE PAUL vs Austin McBroom

  • what was it like? i was watching and my brother said you were just dancing around- you did okay! i heard mayweather is the greatest boxer-

  • Welcome to wwf meats WWE meats youtube. Your money is as tough as you are!!!!

  • Lol you got KO’d kid, sure was nice of mayweather to keep your face off the canvas 🤪

  • Jajajajajaj

  • ابو وجهه الدنماركي الهمجي

  • Jesus gave me unconditional love and peace, this is why I KNOW Jesus Christ is my savior❤️✝️✨

  • Logan Paul vs Tyson fury

  • I thought he said Floyd mommy mayweather

  • i saw the on fv family

  • Whack ass fight all they did was hugging like they never seen each other in 20 years

  • whack ass fight all they did was hugging like they never seen each other in 20 years

    • He didn’t know Floyd could hit that hard until he felt it lol

  • Faze jarvis did better

    • @Cents did they not train for that moment???

    • @Blessak Yeah, against an untrained tiktoker, not one of the fucking greatest boxers in the world

    • @Cents Jarvis did better

    • Yeah and Faze Jarvis was fighting some random tiktoker, not one of the greatest fighters in the world.

  • whack ass fight all they did was hugging like they never seen each other in 20 years

    • Hey man big fan you were one of my favorite viners back in the day and you’re like an athlete now, good stuff

  • i NeEd NoOdLeS

  • Logan lad you got floyd by his balls your the only person to share the ring with him and not lose he will be desperate for the rematch you should take but your the a side play it smart he needs you, inspirational you played the game and won you hold all the cards

    • For real I wouldn’t even take the rematch just milk being the only man floyd didn’t beat

  • Can Logan Paul challenge Francis Ngannou ?

  • Logan wasn't taking him seriously

  • My last words to Floyd ,,you fucked me up man."

  • @Logan Paul can you PLEASE set up a Royal Rumble between You, DSP, Low Tier God, Wings Of Redemption, Hulk Hogan, Bas Rutten, The Rock, Triple H, and The Undertaker? I want to see you body DSP and Low Tier God

  • So he proof that he is a good boxer 8 rounds in the ring vs fm is simply good.. nice to see a EEcloner go crazy for this sport and have success

    • lol did you see the so called fight?

  • Airrack said he loves you to 😂😂

  • pls fight vs deiontey wilder

  • You Will Drown İn The Shadow of Logan Paul Floyd Mayweather

  • wait, this douche is a fighter?

  • здарова альбинос пошли в самп играть

  • Cringe greg paul

  • Atleast Logan is fighting a real Boxer

  • Hey man big fan you were one of my favorite viners back in the day and you’re like an athlete now, good stuff

  • No loganman figth mi

  • You should break a plate for us like the old days

  • WHO IS Floyd Mayweather

  • Pops was delusional at the end but that's the kind of faith you hope any father has for their kid.

  • It’s like he becomes a different person in the ring. He brings more fire in practice then in the ring

  • Logan after the biggest face off in his life: I NEED NOODLES

  • Bro i really hope i win the 10k dollars i need that money sooo much i would giv a lot of it to my mom

  • Check out my Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Parody 😂🔥ITS A BANGER AND BETTER THAN THE ACTUAL FIGHT

  • Ibra t'attend..

  • Logan the maverick Paul... Sounds great 👍

  • Bro Logan all u did was hugging Mayweather bc u were scared

  • Can you release the Ryan Garcia sparring footage