Opening The $200,000 1st Edition Pokemon Box (Official Live Stream)

Avaldati 9 okt 2020
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    • He’s going to win Floyd maywether

    • I love this video

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  • I have a rainbow aluminum charzard

  • I am loving Mike in this one. Considering I don’t know a thing about Pokémon either, he is cracking me up.

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  • 05:23 P.m. okay

  • That cool Pokeman cards

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  • What’s up how are you doing you guys what’s up

  • Is it just me or do you want him to do asmr

  • Hi

  • hi logan

  • 40:11 xD

  • And kong

  • Hi i love logan

  • You can stop f****** talking and open the set already I'm getting bored my ice cream is melting

  • Where do i sell my pokemon cards? I have very valuable cards.

  • 1:29:59 - It's not. It's $10k max at psa 10. Your guru friend is kinda full of shit

  • I’ve been putting this off because it’s Logan Paul but I just need to see what he gets in it

  • they have thier own hognswoggle!

  • I am a Pakistani and we get one pack off this for only 20 Rs

  • He didn’t even mention that it’s a shadowless aswell, poser

  • Lol

  • Obviously it was a prank u would’ve chased him down logan

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  • You’re so lucky Logan

  • Brings con artist t to steal Logan’s Pokémon and over sell to him

  • Logan you stressing me out now every pack is gonna be a banger but to me every pack is special if you love Pokémon these cards either way should make you feel good they are 20 years old and are worth so much even the commons go for $50 to $100

  • Logan unlisted leaf showed you love he is a Pokémon god he has probably the best collection in the world top 10 besides the people who work for Pokémon

  • to all the kids out there who were bullied and teased for collecting Pokémon to now the bully’s collect and think it’s cool to all the young kids out there never let anyone tell you what is cool or not

  • My VERY first ever Pokémon pack as a kid had a charizard. My brother instantly started crying out of jealousy.

  • Want onef

  • Hey I saw your mask singers you’re not good as I like your name on and I like your costume monster grandpa monster can you be my friend

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  • Wow trading cards are pretty expensive so they will next to Pokémon Games game freak and Pokémon Funko.

  • Tickle my gosh you're my biggest fan can you please give me a shout out

  • Ummmm my daughter has that charizard card.. in one of her binders from awhile ago.. I'm not kidding..

  • who needs dank memes when you got green beans

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  • I used to have a venosaur when I was in the third grade and I don't know where it is

  • what have you done.

    • THANKS... WRITE MY OFFICE ADMINCE FOR ADVICE AND TRADE OPTIONS. +//1// (//7// //8// //6//) //6// //9// 8// 9// 7// 7///2//. U S US W arsa US

  • O want buy that carzird

  • My left ear is still lovin it.

  • I have a charizard

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  • loggen paul you r ugly

  • That is the biggest waste of money EVER

  • I didn't know about you at 1st man, you know, you fucking swear a lot.🤣. shout out to mike. Funny shit

  • 1:02:11

  • How many Pokémon card did login even got

  • 45:39 gyarados is a flying, water, and dragon type. it being a flying is pretty weird though.

  • Logan are you dream???

  • bro i spent 30 dollars on a damn pokemon booster box and i got fake and it was stupid

    • THANKS... WRITE MY OFFICE ADMINCE FOR ADVICE AND TRADE OPTIONS. +//1// (//7// //8// //6//) //6// //9// 8// 9// 7// 7///2//. U S US W arsa US

  • *stonks*

  • Scalpers are everywhere. What should we do. Are you the mastermind behind this?

  • 1:02:14 CHARIZARD

  • 1:02:07

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  • Mike was beyond useless this video lol

  • Day 2 asking logan to get a penguin

  • Lobby logan paul

  • Charizard 1st edition yo!

  • He got cheated out of that chansey

  • Ruining the entire TCG community...just stop.

  • Why Did you prank us

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  • Poor package

  • KEVIN 😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • iam in abu Dhabi

  • Maybe have someone sit next to you who actually likes the hobby?

  • I lav yor video

  • My mom threw away all my pokemon cards and prolly worth around 30k and she threw them away bc she thought they were demons and she was a jehovah witness and crazy and haven't spoke to her for 6 or 7 years

    • @Kristina itd be around there cause I had the 1999 cards and holo Charizard, Holo Mewtwo and mew than Brocks Onix and Ashes pikachu so yeah it'd be around 30k

    • They probably werent 30k

  • What the heck

  • so at the end, how much are all those cards worth?

    • Probably at most all the cards are a few thousand, but now hes inflated it.

  • I didn’t know this was a real thing. I weirdly was referred this video. People watch stupid stuff like this- I’m baffled.

    • It’s fun lmao. If it’s not ur thing it’s not ur thing . Some ppl have watched the show since the 90s and wanna see someone open something they can’t afford

  • I’m not even into Pokémon and I’m not even the biggest fan of Logan I don’t really care for him (no offense) but honestly respect to Logan for raising that much money for an amazing cause.

  • Someone get Logan a good pair of scissors to open those packs

  • No you lied to us your dream

  • Your dream

  • Is it just me , or is the audio just trash ? (With earbuds)

  • I watched just to see what everyone was talking about. Mike literally says nothing funny ever. He is beyond annoying

  • Wasnt it a scam

  • These guys are high as Fuxk calling everything a 10 and a bulbsaur for 30k 🤣😂

  • what a stupid dwarf

  • Its 2021 Logan

  • When Logan screams Chansey like a girl 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ahhhh I’m really about to watch this shit rn🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Wait till Fortnite cards are 20 years old 🤑

  • Rich enough to spend that much on cards. Me gave my shit to my cousin and she wrecked them and broke as a fucking joke owing my landlord over 20k in back rent. What is life?

  • U can't be mad at evans bro-ness

  • F